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SOS X INCAS Collaboration Brings more Nutritional Balance to Local Communities!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can take more efforts than you think. Some nutrients are simply too scarce in every day food. The collaboration between SOS and Incas foods allow superfood products to reach underprivileged hands with limited access to appropriate nutrients for their health situation.

Introducing products like Kamu Kamu, Sacha inchi, Lucuma and Maca could be a challenge due to unfamiliarity with foreign ingredients and exotic flavors. SOS addresses the challenge by working with nutritionists and medical experts to order to distribute superfoods to areas with limited access to nutrients. Sometimes those areas refer to low-income communities next to ours and sometimes they are located deep in forests.

By working with our partner, Volunteer Spirit, their volunteers brought Incas foods’ products to aid people affected by flood water in Kanchanaburi. Other community volunteers used superfoods to conduct cooking class for local school students and supplement for their lunches. From Food Rescuer’s perspective, they are light weight and highly-concentrated nutrients which are perfect for long distance missions. With Incas foods’ commitment to donate surplus food to SOS in the future, we are surely easing health issues in several more communities.

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