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The Long Wait is Over. SOS Hua Hin is Finally in Operation Now!!!

Our refrigerated truck has finally arrived in Hua Hin. In the mid of December, we've conducted Food Donor training with our first batch of food donors supporting our mission in Hua Hin. We distributed the food containers and we've done food distribution training to our first batch of recipients.

And in the last week of December, we started collecting surplus food and began feeding communities.

The story of SOS Hua Hin will always be special to our hearts as we did not expect to expand during a global pandemic. But with hearts aligned, with the support of Sang Foundation, and to all those who supported our first fundraising event (Serving Love), this became a reality. And we're all excited to start the SOS journey in Hua Hin.

This is just the beginning. With your continued support, we can do more in the province, and create a bigger impact on many lives.

Thanks to Hilton Hua Hin, Big C, and Mister Donut for being the first donors to help us with our mission today. We can't wait for Centara Hua Hin to start on Sunday and join us with our mission.

If any of you would have any recommendation on which company would be interested to join our Food Rescue Program and wants to address their food waste in their organization, and help us fight the hunger pandemic, feel free to contact us at info@scholarsofsustenance.org.


Again, thank you to all who supported us in making SOS Hua Hin happen!

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