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Unexpected Growth in SOS Rescue Kitchen!

It was only last month that SOS responded to COVID-19’s impacts on vulnerable communities by launching SOS Rescue Kitchen Program to serve people affected by the economic instability. Today we are looking at significant progress in this program.

The original plan was to set up SOS Rescue Kitchen on every Friday in Bangkok, but it became so much more. The kitchen successfully started operating in Phuket in the same month, and much more frequently too, as SOS Rescue Kitchen now operates on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in Bangkok and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in Phuket! The number of meals for distribution were set at 10,000 meals for both locations by the end of the month, as both operations are still required to continue daily Food Rescue.

This is where daily Food Rescue Operation benefits SOS Rescue Kitchen. A portion of rescued surplus food and ingredients were sent into the kitchen to reduce cooking costs, allowing SOS Rescue Kitchen to operate more often with higher quantity at manageable costs. With limited budget, Bangkok managed to deliver 25,923 meals and Phuket, 16,963 meals. In case you wonder, that is equivalent to 6.17 tons and 4.04 tons of perfectly cooked food respectively.

With the progress at much faster pace, including the original 3 communities to join SOS Rescue Kitchen, the current number of communities have reached 27 communities.