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We Brought Food Donations from Sati Foundation and Sunshine Market to Remote Villages in the North

In the north region area of Thailand, there are still many villages in the remote areas that are hardly access to a healthy diet.


Ton Nam Ngao Village from Sop Khong Subdistrict, Omkoi District, Chiang Mai Province, and Baan Nai Village from Mae La Luang Subdistrict, Mae La Noi District, Mae Hong Son Province have been severely affected by COVID-19. They had closed down the access from outside which prevent both people from outside and inside to commute. This made them unable to go down to the city to buy foods, medicines, or any daily necessities.


SOS Thailand had brought all the food and items that Sati Foundation, Sunshine Market, and other donors to Rural Development Volunteer Network, so they can distribute these donations to people in these 2 villages. This donation had operated under the Remote Community Food Program where we had delivered more than 400 kilograms of food to them. Not only dry food, but SOS has also provided basic supplies and medicine to the village. As well as cooking meals for them by the donated foods that we received with the help of the Rural Development Volunteer Network.


We would like to thank Khun Pop from the Rural Development Volunteer Network who helped us to distribute these donations to the recipients and Sati Foundation, Sunshine Market as well as other donations who have supported this program. We will continue to work hard to end zero hunger.


We encourage and invite everyone to take part in our program by providing financial assistance or donating items to

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